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There are many reasons why Guild members are drawn to the fold.  Primarily it is an outlet where they can commune with others who share their passion and it is a source not only of inspiration and fellowship but also of the free exchange of experience and applied knowledge.

The nuances of photography and photographic print making are many and varied.  Some relate to practices that have become obscured over time, while others are unfamiliar by reason of their infancy.  Still  others are arcane, buried in the lore of the art form.  All are challenges and lessons to be learned in the pursuit of excellence.  All who take up the creative challenge are acutely aware that there is always another technique to be learned, and that perfection is always just beyond reach.

Guild members also share a commitment to the art form that naturally includes a wish to ‘spread the gospel’ and encourage others who share their creative enthusiasm.

The reasons “Why we do it” may be many and varied, but there is one over-riding reason – members derive, and hopefully give, a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure from the creation and production of their works.  They also enjoy the friendly stimulation and encouragement so freely given by their peers.

Once again, we thank you for your interest in the Guild and hope that this outline has helped to give a little more understanding of our philosophy, aims, and operation.  If you would like any further information please feel free to use the contact us page:

Kawartha Photographers Guild