Bruce is a self-taught photographer who has focussed on landscape and nature photography for the last twenty years.  His first involvement with serious photography, other than snapshots, was in his first few years as high school teacher.  He was ‘volunteered’ to be the yearbook advisor, which meant learning how to take and print black and white photographs. After much reading and practice he began to make black and white prints for himself and his family. About the same time he started a photography club in the school and convinced the Principal that the new school that was being built should have a darkroom for the staff and students. As his career path changed and he went into administration, the photography fell by the wayside.

In 1992, at the urging of his wife, he bought a new camera and lenses and set off to create landscape and nature photo art. He has sold his photos at a number of venues including “Art on Main” in North Bay and “Art on Kent” in Lindsay. He has had solo exhibitions in both North Bay and Lindsay and his work is displayed in many offices and private homes across Canada.  He also has several pieces hanging in the North Bay Regional Health Centre as part of their collection.

Bruce Hummel

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