quality  printing is paramount to photography

Kawartha Photographers Guild

In the beginning...


The origins of the Guild lie in the informal association of a small number of skilled photographic print makers from the Kawartha area who sought a source of common interest and informed information about the intricacies of print making, both in traditional chemical based and digital techniques.

The group comprised experienced photographers from all walks of life, from accomplished amateurs to retired, active, and promising professionals and continued as a private gathering until such time that the number of interested parties increased to a point where a more formal organization was required.  So it was that the Guild was formed in 2005.

With this formalization, the Guild now offers membership to anyone interested in the art of high quality photographic print making, in a non-competitive structure intended to foster creativity and a standard of excellence.

In layman’s terms, we make photographs and convey that image on printed material, but anyone engaged in photography at any level above that of taking snapshots is aware that there is a great deal more involved than capturing an image and collecting the finished prints from the processing outlet.

The Guild caters to those who need to satisfy a creative need. One of the few conditions placed on membership is that the capture of the image and the production of the print is entirely the member’s own work.  This demands mastery of both the camera and the subsequent darkroom or lightroom techniques necessary in the making of the finished print.  While the physical size of the finished work is determined by a myriad of different circumstances, in general terms members’ works are displayed in sizes from 11”x14” and upward.  Finished pieces, when presented for assessment, are expected to be mounted and matted in the same way as would be the case for public display.