In spite of two, twenty year careers, first as a 'Bay St Executive' and then as an academic centered around Organizational Behavior, photography was always important to me. As a young teenager I built my first darkroom in a real coal bin. I had to push coal out of the way to use my
enlarger but it was really dark and taught me the importance of dust control.

While immersed in my security anchored career I attended various courses at Ryerson, Sheridan, and The Ontario College of Art and Design to learn the intricacies of large format studio photography along with artistic design principles, etc. These, along with knowing a number of people in the advertising world (Mad Men types) allowed me to open an industrial type of studio in downtown Toronto at the end of my first 20 year career. I did work for major clients that included billboards, magazine and newspaper ads, album covers and catalogues. In spite of some financial success after one year I realized I wasn't having fun so we decided to escape from the stress of the big city and moved to downtown Millbrook. Big moral here: photography is way more fun when you do your own thing, when and how you want to do it.

My current focus is to look for patterns of light within an interesting design while often telling a story, ideally with a touch of humour.

quality  printing is paramount to photography

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james avery