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Kawartha Photographers Guild

what we do and why we do it...


Personal interaction invariably involves the free and cordial interchange of information and personal experience on any facet of the art.

The main component of any Guild meeting is that where members present current works for assessment by their peers.  This is an open and frank exchange of opinions where perceived strengths and weaknesses of the print are identified and discussed, opinions that may be accepted or rejected by the maker but which by their very expression, become a source of learning. Though frank and open, assessments are conducted with the greatest of respect for the work and the maker, and with the sole intent of enhancing personal skills.

There are instances where works that are presenting the maker with particular problems are presented as unfinished pieces with the hope and expectation that technical deficiencies or other sources of dissatisfaction will be identified by fellow members and corrective measures suggested.

There is unawareness on the part of the general public of the tremendous expenditure of concentrated time and energy demanded in the production of the display print.  There is an equal unawareness of the availability and quality of photographic art.  With a view to better public education, the Guild will seize on any opportunity to show members’ works and has a commitment to stage an annual exhibition in the hope that this policy will not only act as advertisement of the Guild and its members’ talents, but will also serve to promote this art form.