randy romano

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I am a late bloomer to the genre of street photography, having come to this aspect of photography in just the past two years. I have however, been a photographer my whole life (now 59 years young) becoming obsessed with a camera since I was 16. It was two Magnum Photography Workshops, one in 2012 with Mark Power and one in 2015 with Larry Towell that really challenged me to make less banal, ordinary images and to dig deeper to make images of the human endeavor. I discovered the long history of photography and began studying the master photographers of the past. This opened my eyes to what really matters in photography and encouraged me to make more meaningful photographs.

My past endeavours in photography were largely based on my love for the natural world, namely landscapes and nature scenics. I worked a full time job raising four children and was forced to make money with the camera in order to afford equipment and continue shooting. To this end I made stock, tourism images, photographed events and worked for numerous commercial architectural clients. These different commercial ventures helped me perfect my craft. After retiring from my full time job at the Post Office and having fewer kids in the house, I decided to concentrate on my own photographic projects. The last few years have been dedicated to working towards meaningful endeavours and these personal projects have rejuvenated my photography as never before. I truly have found a passion for making images on the street because the process includes all the elements I love most about photography, namely the challenge of quick reflexes, combined with fast moving situations. Composing all the elements in a split second, with the concentration being on my vision and ability to see rather than on equipment. Producing many failures on the street adds to the excitement of capturing one good image in a days work. The reward of documenting the life and vigor of humanity is now what drives me as a photographer.

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