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tim bellhouse

I am a self-taught photographer and began taking photographs in the 1970s. I was educated and worked in the field of biology for more than 35 years. My work took me from the shores of Lake Ontario to the coast of James Bay and points in between. My background in biology has provided an opportunity for me to experience and embrace the rich, natural diversity of Ontario, which is an inspiration in my photography.  

My passion in photography is focussed on capturing the subtle details of the world that surrounds me. Through my photographs I hope to express a mood, convey a message and most of all, to lead the viewer to take a closer look at the world in which they live. There is subtle beauty close to us all, if we just take the time to stop and look at what surrounds us.

We are the stewards of the world we live in and future generations will inherit what we pass on to them. It is my hope through my photographs to raise the viewer’s awareness of the world that surrounds them and in so doing inspire a greater appreciation for the natural world and all they see and experience.

Visit my web site at www.timbellhouse.ca

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